Top 15 Wig Options Online for Novices and Pros Alike

Are you at a crossroads with your hairstyle and unsure of your next move? Maybe you’ve recently taken the leap and chopped off your hair, craving versatility in your appearance. Or perhaps you’re simply in need of a style revamp. Before panic sets in, consider exploring the world of wigs. Once a taboo topic whispered among close friends, wigs have now emerged as a favored protective styling option.

The landscape of wigs has evolved significantly over the years, offering a plethora of lace, style, and length choices, which can sometimes be overwhelming when shopping online. However, once you’ve identified your specific needs and preferences, navigating the wig market becomes much simpler. According to Chanesia Lockett, UNice brand educator and professional hairstylist, there are three key factors to consider when purchasing a wig online: the desired look, head size for comfortable fitting, and the use of 100 percent human hair for durability.

It’s crucial to inquire about lace quality and size if unsure, advises Lockett. She highlights that while lace size is important, beginners can opt for closures like 4×4 and 5×5, requiring less effort to achieve a natural appearance.

With expert guidance in mind, we’ve scoured both personal collections and online reviews to curate a list of the 15 best places to find quality wigs at reasonable prices.

  1. LuvMe PartingMax Glueless Loose Body Wave HD 7×6 Closure Wig

Lace size: 7×6 Texture: Loose wave

LuvMe’s PartingMax units offer versatility without compromising on ease of use. With a generous 7×6 parting space, this wig allows for effortless styling with either a middle or side part. The thin HD lace seamlessly melts into the skin for an undetectable finish.

  1. Unice Bye-Bye Knots 7×5 Glueless Highlights Wig

Lace size: 7×5 Texture: Loose wave

Pre-highlighted for convenience, Unice’s Bye Bye Knots wig features pre-bleached knots and pre-cut lace for a seamless installation experience.

  1. HairVivi Vivian Blonde Transparent HD Wig

Lace size: 13×6 Texture: Wavy

HairVivi’s quality wigs boast thin, undetectable lace, ensuring a natural look and effortless styling options.

  1. XrsBeautyhair Undetectable Skin Melt 13×6 Straight Wig

Lace size: 13×6 Texture: Straight

Renowned for its clear lace and impeccable hairline, XRS Beauty Hair offers a variety of textures, including yaki straight and deep wave.

  1. Gorgeous Natural Coily Curl Glueless HD 5×5 Wig

Lace size: 5×5 Texture: Curly

LuvMe’s HD 5×5 closure wig provides ample parting space for a natural look, requiring minimal effort for styling.

  1. AliPearl HD 6×6 Closure Wig

Lace size: 6×6 closure Texture: Straight

AliPearl offers beginner-friendly closure wigs in sizes like 5×5 and 6×6, mimicking the versatility of frontals with less time and effort.

  1. Outre Dominica

Lace size: 13×6 frontal Texture: Curly

This viral sensation from Outre offers an undetectable hairline and affordability, thanks to its HD lace and pre-plucked design.

  1. Waeve THE BANG

Lace size: No lace Texture: Wavy

Waeve, a Black-owned company, offers a range of styles catering to bold and subtle preferences alike.

  1. UrBeauty U Part Kinky Straight Wigs

Lace size: No lace Texture: Kinky straight

Amazon’s U-part unit provides a seamless blend with natural hair, offering a convenient alternative to lace fronts and closures.

  1. Mayvenn Straight Side Part Lace Short Bob Wig

Lace size: No lace Texture: Straight

Mayvenn’s diverse wig styles are complemented by a directory of skilled stylists, ensuring a seamless installation experience.

  1. RPGShow THESLAY Blunt Cut Bob Wig

Lace size: 13×6 frontal Texture: Straight

RPGShow offers premium wigs in various colors and styles, including celebrity-endorsed collections.

  1. Beautyforever 4C Edges Kinky Curly Wig

Lace size: 13×4 Texture: Kinky curly

Mimicking 4c hair texture, this wig offers realistic edges without the need for excessive glue or manipulation.

  1. Wow African Italian Yaki 13X6 Lace Front Wig

Lace size: 13×4 Texture: Italian yaki

WowAfrican’s Yaki wigs provide a natural appearance, whether you prefer a blown-out or sleek look.

  1. Her Given Hair Something About Mary

Lace size: 4×4 Texture: Kinky curly

HerGivenHair’s collection offers natural-looking options, from twist-out curls to tension-free headband wigs.

  1. Latched and Hooked Turban Pineapple Wig

Lace size: No lace Texture: Kinky curly

This turban wig from Latched and Hooked offers a hassle-free alternative to traditional lace-front wigs, perfect for on-the-go styling.

Understanding Lace Types: HD lace offers a seamless finish, while transparent lace provides durability at a standard price point.

Caring for Natural Hair Underneath: Weekly washes and deep conditioning are essential for maintaining healthy hair under wigs, advises Lockett.

Applying a Wig: Ensure clean, flat natural hair before applying a wig cap and adhesive. Start from the center when applying the wig and trim any excess lace for a seamless finish.

Expert Profile: Chanesia Lockett, a Brooklyn-based hairstylist and UNice brand educator, provides expert guidance on wig selection and care.

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